Hi everyone!

I’ve been out of the simming game for a while now due to technical issues but I’m back online! My simming interest has moved more towards building rather than legacy playing, but I have started the #BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge. It is a little bit of both mixed together, which is really nice! Check it out by clicking the #BuildNewcrest category on the sidebar or use the drop down on the menu above to pick the generation and post.

If you’re a past reader of mine, thanks for sticking around! I’ve got all my past (failed, aha!) stories and challenges still archived on the site. You can find them on the sidebar under “categories”. Feel free to check them out while you’re waiting on my next update for anything I’m currently doing.

Whatever I have going on, I hope you enjoy reading and participating. I appreciate all your kind words and attention. I write partially for me and but mostly for my readers!


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